Monday, August 19, 2013

Make-Up Monday: Shiro Cosmetics Lingered in Twilight and For Generations Eye Shadow

I finally got it. I finally got the brilliantly stickered eye shadow I've been wanting for months. The concept of For Generations might even beat Nic Cage. But that's because the Armstrong Family joke has never gotten old for me. It is YEARS old now but it has never gotten old. I also got Lingered in Twilight because I've really been needing something like a really dark green to expand my smokey eye options and this kinda fit that (and looked super pretty on the site).
For Generations is a bright pink, a little lighter than hot pink but still punch to the face bright. And it is filled with lots of multicolored sparkles.

Lingered in Twilight is best likened to fish scales. Dark greenish blue and when the light its it just right it is brilliantly sparkly.

Now for swatches (all of which are done on my forearm over a stripe of eye shadow base). I wanted to compare FG with my collection of pinks since I kind of have a lot of pinks now (for how often I wear them). The top is in direct sunlight the bottom is indirect sunlight. Mew, Clefairy and Eye Contact are all other Shiro shades. Altair is Aromaleigh and Suffocation is Evil Shades. If there is one thing I really like about Shiro it is that I can own three different middle pinks from them and they are all different. The closest to For Generations is Eye Contact but it is slightly more cool toned hot pink and has a shimmer as opposed to sparkles. They are still different.

So basically, pretty sticker art, gorgeous colors and as usual they apply and wear like a dream. c:

Also someone remind me when suggestions for the next February Color of the Month comes up. Losing the Girl To My Superior Officer Once Again with a dejected Havoc sticker needs to happen.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Make-Up Monday: Kracie Naive Peach Face Wash

I got to go to Mitsuwa! While I was in San Diego for Comic Con International. It was a blast and I wish we had a Mitsuwa here. While they had quite a selection of Japanese beauty products they were rather expensive and none of them sang out to me like the Korean ones have. But I really needed face wash so I grabbed one of the cheapest ones. In peach of course since I like peach.

It isn't very peach scented though which makes me sad. It works well as a cleanser but has nothing to make me want to drop $10 to get another tube of it.

Lame. Back to getting Korean face washes off eBay I guess.

Price: $10
Packaging: 3/5
Works but not really very interesting to look at.
Quality: 3/5
Cleans well, smells like soap, no peachy scent at all. :/
Value: 3/5
An alright cleanser for an alright price.