Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tutorial: Star Hair Clips (like Chocomint ones)

I've been wanting a set or three of the metallic gold Chocomint star clips for as long as I've known they've existed but I either can't find them in stock or they've been at serious scalper prices which I'm not quite willing to pay. So I figured if I could make all sorts of wacky costumes then surely I could make starclips. And I think I did alright.

What you'll need:

Fabric: Can be a scrap, you don't need much, maybe a 6"x10" square. I have a 1/4 yard and could easily make 5-7 sets if not more.
Thread: I'd suggest against metallic as it isn't as strong and you aren't going to see it anyways. I used tan with my gold fabric since it will blend if seen. Also you'll need thread for the pearl strands, go with something that matches the pearls obviously.
Stuffing: Polyfill, or whatev. Just make sure it is light.
Pearls: For the pearl strings between the stars.
Needle: Even if you're machine sewing for the most part, you'll want a needle to hand sew the backs of the stars, sewing the clips on and doing the pearls strands.
First you'll need a pattern. I just used one of the star decorations I have in my room but to make your own simply draw out what you want at the size you want then and 1/2" all around the border of it. This works for any shape.
Now cut out your fabric (I traced around the edge of the star since it was such slippery fabric). You'll want 4 stars in total.
Match shiny side to shiny side and pin together. You'll have 2 stars ready for sewing!
And sew. I used a machine for this part but you could totes hand sew these.
Now trim the points off the stars, making sure not to cut too close to the thread. This will make turning this right side out easier.
Speaking of turning these right side out, you'll need to cut the center of on side on each star to do this. Pluck at the fabric so it separates then cut it, making the cut as small as possible while still allowing you to pull the fabric through.
Now turn it inside out. I used the looped end of a bobby pin to hook onto the point of the star and help push it out as pointy as it would go.
Now stuff. You want it fairly well stuffed, you can use the loop end of the bobby pin to help get the points stuffed.
Time to break out the needle and thread. Close up the opening you used the turn the star out.
Now sew on the hair clip. You could glue it on but you already have the needle and thread out and then you don't have to worry about the glue melting of getting in your hair on a hot day.
Now that the stars themselves are pretty much done, time for the pearl strands! I used white thread so it would match with the pearls better. Sew a few stitches right beneath the opening end of one star to anchor the strand.
Then add your pearls. I just winged it and stopped when I thought it looked right.
Then sew down on the other star at the spring end. Do at least a few stitches.
Then tie it off.
And repeat for a second string. Make sure it is a different length than the first.
And you're done! Look at that! And for about $5 you've got a set of star clips. :D

Monday, May 28, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Evil Shades Victorian Night, Drakon, Necropolis and 13th Hour and Morgana Cryptoria Actium Eyeshadows

Since I've got pleeeeenty of lipsticks I've been trying to focus more on buying eye shadows now. Evil Shades eye shadows are pretty much my fav: super soft, saturated shadows that apply easy. There is also a bonus of the Pro size, if you LOVE a shadow, you can buy a giant jar of it that is a little less than double the normal size.

Victorian Night is a gorgeous lavender with aqua/blue sparkles. So pretty.
Drakon is this brownish, greenish shifting color that is best likened to lizard scales. One of my favs.
Necropolis is a solid darker brown. That sounds like a sad description but a solid brown is a great thing to have.
13th Hour is a daaaark navy blue. When ordering I thought it'd be purple but it is very much a dark blue. It doesn't quite seem to be a blue sparkle based in black like this color normally is made either, it seems like it really is just a solid navy. It is my favorite. It is everything I hoped Urban Decay's Evidence would be.

And here's a look using Victorian Night and 13th Hour.

Actium is another brown but one which has a ton of gold in it. It fits very well with the Egyptian themed collection it is apart of.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Outfits of the Week

I'm going to try and post a compilation post of all the lolita outfits I've worn every two weeks to try and help inspire me to wear lolita in the summer. It is so hot here in the summer that often I just want to shlub into work slacks and a blouse or just a jsk and pretty much nothing else. So hopefully this will keep me in lolita at least once a week or so.

Here is Monday's outfit:

Taking outfit shots at night suuucks. Also forgive the mitts, our hvac is being messed with so I need something to keep my hands warm.

Top: Offbrand
JSK: Bodyline
Socks: Alice and the Pirates
Shoes: Liz Claiborne

And here is today's outfit:
I'm all wrinkled from carting books around.
Jacket: F21
OP: Handmade
Socks: Claire's
Shoes: Mossimo Black

Monday, May 21, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Dermal Platinum Collagen Essence Mask

Make-Up Monday: Dermal Platinum Collagen Essence Mask
Hey! Look who’s back! With big things kind of happening one right after another this time of year things get spotty. But Night Shift is just about ready to publish (just have to finish the cover) and about 60% of my costume projects for the year are done. So hopefully I’ll be back to at least one post a week. I’ve also been diving head first into more skin care stuff since just about everything I use has either recently been discontinued or isn’t working well anymore.

First up is something I got during my trip into Dallas proper recently, one of Dermal’s Essence Masks. I got the Platinum Collagen one since I didn’t see a milk one and platinum sounded ~fancy~. Also it was only a $1 or so.
I’ve never done a mask of this sort where you don’t wash it off and where it is an actual mask. But it wasn’t too hard to apply past issues with my chin being tiny and apparently having big eyes. But I persevered. Also I used it after my morning shower should that make any difference

It felt really nice and cool to apply/wear and there was a lot of product in the baggie after removing the mask (so my arms and legs were super fab and moisturized). It would be great for summer. I chilled with it on for about 20-30 minutes while I drank my morning coffee. After removing it my face felt waaay super moisturized. I’ve never felt it so moisturized so it was a little weird.

And then I was all broke out at the end of the day. :/ But I have stupid sensitive skin so it isn’t all that surprising. I really liked the mask though (and if they sold the goo in a bottle I’d buy it to use as a regular lotion, especially for my hands) so if I see one marked specially for sensitive skin I will give it a go.
Price: $1 for one mask in pouch.
Packaging: 5/5
Thin and stores easy and the directions are clearly written.
Quality: 3/5
Felt lovely and the extra mask sauce worked great as a lotion. Still made my seriously sensitive skin break out though.
Value: 4/5
It is cheap and works pretty well for a dollar luxuriant.
Overall: 4/5