Monday, May 28, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Evil Shades Victorian Night, Drakon, Necropolis and 13th Hour and Morgana Cryptoria Actium Eyeshadows

Since I've got pleeeeenty of lipsticks I've been trying to focus more on buying eye shadows now. Evil Shades eye shadows are pretty much my fav: super soft, saturated shadows that apply easy. There is also a bonus of the Pro size, if you LOVE a shadow, you can buy a giant jar of it that is a little less than double the normal size.

Victorian Night is a gorgeous lavender with aqua/blue sparkles. So pretty.
Drakon is this brownish, greenish shifting color that is best likened to lizard scales. One of my favs.
Necropolis is a solid darker brown. That sounds like a sad description but a solid brown is a great thing to have.
13th Hour is a daaaark navy blue. When ordering I thought it'd be purple but it is very much a dark blue. It doesn't quite seem to be a blue sparkle based in black like this color normally is made either, it seems like it really is just a solid navy. It is my favorite. It is everything I hoped Urban Decay's Evidence would be.

And here's a look using Victorian Night and 13th Hour.

Actium is another brown but one which has a ton of gold in it. It fits very well with the Egyptian themed collection it is apart of.

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