Friday, December 16, 2011

FYI Bodyline Shipping Sale

$5 shipping, airmail at Christmas time so it'd be something you'd probably get after the new year but that isn't a bad shipping price.

They also finally restocked on a skirt I have been wanting for just about forever:
I got the red. Hopefully the vest and underskirt are still removable like they previously were since that vest is awesome. Tempted to get all three colorways but at some point Bodyline decided to start getting expensive. There's supposed to also be a Christmas sale going on but I didn't see it.

So yeah, I'll have a happy post sometime in the next 4 to 17 days.

Although can anyone tell me about the whole declarations thing? I know it is to save on possible customs fees but what kind of risk does one run by claiming their stuff is only worth 25% of what you paid?

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