Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yule and Giveaway over at Reality Will Kill You

Like my Yule "Log"? Despite living in rural Texas there aren't many trees on my property. I always figured it was better to stick with the from your property/given to you/cannot buy it part than the log part. Plus it'll be easier to burn on Candlemas. The shadowy thing at the back is an evergreen spray with bayberries for the whole evergreen decoration since... technically I think I was supposed to burn the Yule Twigs on Yule and then the evergreens on Candlemass. But I still have a small problem of no good place to burn anything here to figure out. Hm. And I'm having no luck finding some holly for the door so I went with a glittery holly pick from Michael's.

Also didn't get any pics of the either the Yule log cake I made for last night (Yule was 11:30pm my time) nor the one I made and brought into work. I admit they weren't that pretty anyways but seeing as they were cinnamon cake with honey cream cheese filling and fudge frosting they were absolutely delicious.
And here is today's coord:
Headband: Offbrand (Claire's)
Blazer: Handmade
Lapel Pin: Mechanical Kingdom, Ludwig von Drake
Top: Offbrand
JSK: AatP Operalia Bouquet
Jersey Leggings: Offbrand (wish they covered the tops of my feet) 
Shoes: Offbrand (Liz Clayborne)

There's also a give away going on over at Reality Will Kill You's blog, I personally am hoping to win it for those cute socks!

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