Monday, September 10, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream and Light Moisturizing Lotion

I was using the Neutrogena sensitive face lotion but then it started making me break out. My face likes change and excitement I guess. *sigh* But! I've found something better anyways (and added an eye cream since the skin around my eyes was drying out).
The narrow end of the eye cream is nice but since you need so little I always end up getting too much. The giant maw of the lotion sucks. I can never pour only enough for just my face, I always end up moisturizing my neck too since I have so much left on my hands.

Both of these are a very light and almost watery formula but are great at moisturizing. If I don't rub the eye cream in enough then my eyes itch a smidge but nothing much at all. Neither makes me break out either which is great!

Price: $7.50/.67oz for the eye cream and $6.50/6.7oz for the lotion
Packaging: 3/5
It looks alright on my counter but both have an issue with giving me too much product, and for the lotion it is a huge issue.
Quality: 5/5
It feels nice to apply and is in the running for most kind to my skin as well, challenging that Chanel I tried a while back!
Value: 4/5
The eye cream will probably last me about three to four months and the lotion four to six. For the price that isn't bad at all.
Overall: 4/5

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