Monday, September 24, 2012

Make-Up Monday: NYX Lipsticks

First and foremost I want to say: NYX lipsticks are stupid moisturizing. They are just shy of honestly being a gloss. This also means they cannot be kept in a purse on a hot day without it being a little hard to apply from the tube. I can't imagine what would happen if you left one in the sun.

Chaos is actually the whole reason I made the Cherry Culture order that netted me these to begin with. The only Chaos in my area was messed up and I really wanted the color. It is a bright red, like Vincent Valentine's cape and is named Chaos. My inner nerd needed to own it, especially since NYX lipsticks are so cheap. I'm not terribly in love with the color but it is fun to wear with a Cait Sith or Vincent Valentine themed outfit. I am so that dork. You HAVE to use lipliner with NYX reds, I use Chanel in Rouge, so the truest to the shade color on my lips is in the center.

Doll is a medium dusty pink and a very good everyday color. And with a cute name like doll it is great for lolitas. :D

Electra is incredibly like Chaos except where one is a warm toned bright red the other is a cool. I like this one a little better than Chaos in terms of color but Chaos still wins in the name department.

Hestia is a daaaark red. It looks brown in the website swatches but Hestia is probably my fav goddess ever so I had to get a tube, ya know? Then it turns out to be this amazing color that replaces that Loganberry Body Shop lipstick I've been trying to replace for 8 years. Heck yes. If I ever see more tubes of this I'll be buying in bulk. I never want to run out. Ever. I never fall in love with a shade with such an awesome name.

Medusa is a metallic grape purple. I thought it'd be a darker purple. This one is okay if you don't have one like it in your collection but otherwise very skipable.

Meteor is a sheer and also the only Black Label and not a Round here. It look like a stick of gold in the tube but applies as a shimmery gold layer which makes lips orangey. I like it. And no I totally didn't just buy this because of Meteor from FF7. Nope. Not at all.

Orpheus is a lavender pewter which looks pretty lavender in the tube but goes on very much pewter. It also likes to streak a bit but not too bad.

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