Monday, October 1, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Morgana Cryptoria Lipstake Lip Liner in Dragon's Blood

So Morgana released a ton of new stuff. I think I've been most excited about the new lipstakes, I'm always kind of meh on buying lip liners but I need them for my reds. And now I can just toss one in my casket when I'm ordering from her. :D

I got the shade Dragon's Blood since I only really have problems with reds bleeding on me. Also this doubles as an eye liner. Mind=blown. I love how she brings us so many interesting colors. Iwamine Shuu make-up day here I come!

It is a pencil liner, of the same kind of weird black "wood" as the Pixie eyeliners though I've had better luck when it comes to sharpening this one. The liner itself kind of compresses when applying but otherwise applies just as easy as my Chanel Aqua Crayon (I'm going to be comparing this to that one since that one is perfection). I do wish it was an auto liner but can't have everything I guess. What matters is that it works without being a major pain (the only annoyance is having to sharpen it which isn't much of an annoyance at all).

I tested it with two lip products, Nyx's Chaos and Chanel's Lip Laquer in Dragon. And yep, this is a wear test. Cause the reason I use lip liner is to keep feathering at bay, so that is the make or break for liners (for me).

And here we are after about 10 hours, which includes meals and drinks and stuff. It feathered a bit but you don't notice unless you're looking. With the Chanel liner I get no feathering with this lipstick but it is darker so it changes the shade. I plan to keep using Dragon's Blood for this one.

And here we are with Dragon. Chanel's lip lacquers are such a freaking pain in the ass for me. I loooove the color but it is basically a sticky gloss that is super bright and gets all over. You HAVE to use liner and even my super awesome Chanel lip liner that normally keeps everything in place has trouble keeping this stuff from feathering. Here we are at the the beginning of the day.

And here we are after 10 hours. I forgot my tube of lacquer at home so I wasn't able to touch it up after dinner at all which made me sad though it did admirably well for no touch ups. There is feathering. But it is nowhere near as bad as without liner and not much worse than what my Chanel liner normally keeps at bay.

Price: $10 for a pencil
Package: 4/5
Very functional and also classy looking like pretty much all of her packaging. I'd love an automatic liner but I think that might be beyond indie make-up companies and it isn't a huge turn off.
Quality: 4/5
It isn't quite as awesome as the Chanel aqua crayon but it is also not $26 (and they don't even make the aqua crayon in rouge anymore T.T). It applies easy-peasy, sharpens easily and I like the bright color a lot.
Value: 5/5
$10 for a good lip liner is really not much at all. I'll definitely buy this again when I run out.
Overall: 4.3/5
I really like it and like I said again I'll def be buying this again when this one gets all used up.

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  1. Mind blown definitely. Chanel Dragon looks great on you