Monday, October 15, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Morgana Cryptoria Slimline Lipstick in Lily

Another of Morgana's new products, I was pulled in because it was $5 and there's one called Lily. You can completely and totally get me to buy something if it isn't too expensive and has a name I like.

The tube itself isn't quite as slim as the balm/lipgel tubes but is slimmer than a regular tube. It is poured directly into the tube instead of being free standing like a not slim lipstick. I kind of dig this since it means it won't slide off (Hydrangea does this all the time but most other Morgana lipsticks don't have this problem. Nyx lipsticks alllll do this).

This is an odd color for me. I really like it, but I have to wear bb cream/can't go sans face goo if I want to wear it. I guess it doesn't quite mix with my skin tone when my face is all red. It applies easily but has a bit of a candy scent to it like all of Evil Shades lip stuff. Not unpleasant but something to keep in mind. This is a very luminous shade. You know how her Galaxy gloss kind of glows? This does too. I love that glowing effect. :D

This is also my lightest lipshade now! As you can see it is a bit bubblegum-y which may explain why it doens't play nice with the red in my face.

Price: $7/2ml
Package: 4/5
Sturdy, supports the lipstick and works without any issues. Classy looking but nothing to write home about.
Quality: 4/5
This formula seems different from her normal lipstick one, it is a bit sheerer and easier to apply but also doesn't have the staying power for daaays aspect. With a light tone like this it isn't a problem, it just means a touch up after coffee or lunch.
Value: 5/5
That's a great price for a good lipstick! Seriously.
Overall: 4.36/5
I'd buy it again, it is a pretty color, I'm digging the price point and quality. And this shade will look tops with my Tron:Legacy Siren coord!

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