Monday, October 8, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Missha Signature M Real Complete B.B. Cream

So I said I wasn't going to buy any more bb cream since I have plenty from my order back in May. And then I was in Dallas for A-Fest and had to hit up the H-mart for my fix of Asian groceries and the cosmetics store was open so I went in and the adorable sales lady totes sold me on this one. The one downside of the other four bb creams I have is that they still make me break out. My skin is just mean like that. So adorable sales lady, who takes one look at me after I ask for bb cream, navigates the giant display of them and picks out the best match for my skin thus far in about ten seconds assured me this was one of the best for sensitive skin. And $50 and two weeks of near daily use later I'm now writing this review.

I'm not normally much of a fan of the pump. It normally pumps too much/I can't get just a smidge out. This one I can actually vary how much I get out in a pump which is nice. The packaging is also pretty although not all super cute which is a slight let down. But maybe that just means it is a more grown up/better bb?

So here's my unmade up face. I'm not even wearing eyeshadow. Gasp-horror-shock I know. I is smarter to put on your eyeshadow before your bb though. Any shadow fall out sticks to this stuff like mad.

And here I am with the bb on. It knocks out the red in my face reaaaaal well. I'm wearing it a bit heavy here so it also pretty much knocks out my freckles and moles well too (though I like those so whatev). I've done lighter applications also (how thick I wear it varies every day since I'm normally in a hurry and just go with whatever coverage I get once it is even). I like that I can vary how heavy I want to wear it which I haven't had much luck with when using my other ones. You don't really want a heavy layer of make-up when it is 100+ and 90% humidity out. Though this one does pretty well when it comes to staying in place when you're sweating.

Overall I like it a lot, it does make me break out a little bit (like a couple blemishes on my forehead, one or two on my chin and one in the vague area of my nose on average) but it makes me break out the least of all of them, even though I wear it every day. Also if it has a scent I didn't notice. Like I've been putting this on my face for two weeks now so if it had even a light scent I'd have smelled it by now. Maybe it is the scents in others that make me break out?

And here's a comparison of all the ones I have so far. I can't even imagine how pale Missha #13 must be since #21 is almost too pale for me and I'm pretty pale.

Price: $50/45ml from Cosmetics World in Dallas (can be found online for about $30)
Package: 4/5
Easily able to control how much product you get out, the packaging is also sturdy. I just wish it was cuter.
Quality: 4.5/5
It is the only bb I have been able to do light AND heavy coverage with, the color is really great for me and it doesn't make me break out much. It would have a perfect score if it didn't make me break out at all but that would then be a miracle.
Value: 4/5
A bit pricey but it doesn't make me break out much. I'm willing to pay for that. Also since I got the larger one, even with daily wear I imagine it will last me at least a year of sole use.
Overall: 4.16/5
A bit pricey and the packaging is not super cute but otherwise my absolute fav so far.

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