Monday, March 14, 2011

Make-Up Monday: Yay Mail from Morgana Cryptoria!

This order started out as the mutant lovechild of reading lots of make-up blogs about good alternative make-up companies and reading the Snow story arc of Legends of the Dark Knight. I fell in love with the idea of doing a kind of frozen looking make-up look and for that I need the perfect very light blue lipstick. I didn't end up finding it at MC but I did get lovely things. :)

I bought this half because it made me think of Skyfire, one of my favorite Autobots who has an episode about him named this. :) The color is pretty but it is a little hard to get even coverage. The bottom lip is pretty much full tilt whereas the top lip is done fairly lightly. I'm thinking of mixing together some of this sample with a white lipstick I have to see if it might work.

Another of the ‘I need a blue for Nora’. I didn’t believe it would be as Superman blue spandex as everyone was saying but I was incredibly wrong. It is a fun bright blue metallic, one I like, but definitely not Nora. Again, the top lip is a very light application and the bottom is regularly applied.

The only one out of the batch I ordered which honestly disappoints me. I would love a good silver lipstick but this one is so stiff it makes application difficult and the color is streaky. It would be easier to apply if I had bought a full on tube and not a sample but I’m not happy enough with it to drop the money on a chance it would be a bit easier.

The only full on tube I bought and I’m really glad I did. I’ve been trying to find a replacement for the purple Covergirl long wearing lip goo I got for my Riddler henchgirl costume since it does not play nice (gets somewhat flaky mid afternoon and the color won’t come off my lips for days even with scrubbing and make-up remover). I took a chance on it since the pictures looked more pink than I was wanting but it turns out it is almost a duplicate of the Covergirl purple except that it is prismatic blue. Think of that cool paint on cars that has metallic flecks and changes colors by angle. This is like that. It isn’t completely prismatic it just has a blue sheen over the purple which I really do love. I’m honestly tempted to start wearing odd colors in daily life now.

It also is very comfortable to wear, unlike pretty much every other color don’t put lip balm on before this one (or use a very tiny amount and make sure your lips aren’t slick). The color is stronger and lip balm won’t collect under your bottom lip after a few hours. It also keeps your lips moist which I’ve never encountered in a lipstick before. I did a full 3/4 day test on this one and I never felt like putting on balm, I just had to touch up with lipstick after eating.

This goes on really easily and is a very cute golden brass/orange combo. It'll be fun for OTT fall coords.

Where 24k Pumpkin is a golden tone this is pretty much a full on metallic copper. It is pretty and applies just as easily as 24k and is another I'll be happy to have for fall and/or steampunk.

This too applies easy and the color is phenominal in terms of blending together and being strong. It is way more brown than gilded unlike the stock pictures show. I think it might have something to do with the light in my bathroom since the gold seems to be a prismatic effect which I think is the theme of the 2011 collection. I’m considering joining the lipstick club and getting the whole line up. >.>

It does give a prismatic gold sheen when applied very sparsely though which I like.

I had ordered a sample pod in my want to find a Nora Fries color but it didn’t ship. I think there must have been an error on the website since (when I looked at my invoice after noticing it wasn't in the envelope) I didn’t get charged for it and when I went back to order it says all sold out now. Oh well. If anyone has a sample they don’t want, let me know. I still want to try out the color.

Price: $1 for samples and $12 for a tube.
Packaging: 5/5
The both the tube and the sample pods are sturdy and look professional.
Quality: 4/5
As with most vegan lipsticks it isn't the best but for the colors offered it is great.
Value: 4/5
It is more expensive than the drugstore but there are $1 samples which let you try things out and it isn't the most pricey small label.
Overall: 4.33/5
Pretty good, I'll definitely consider buying again.

After all this I’m really pleased with my order but I'm thinking I’m going to try my hand at lipstick making now. All because I can’t find my perfect Nora. So, in the future I may be selling a sheer white that is prismatic blue (which may shift to purple) lipstick. Hah. Nora Fries, not just driving Victor crazy.

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