Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Oldest Lolita Item (Oldest and Oldest Brand)

Lolita is a valuable fashion, so many people like to resell their old dresses and skirts when they grow out of them or don’t like the style anymore. What is the one item that has lasted in your wardrobe the longest?”

And I decided to illustrate with fully coordinated outfits. Cause that's how I roll.

My oldest item? My fawn skirt. I don’t wear it with Lolita too much anymore but it does do a lot of time with ala mode outfits. It is an insanely simple skirt, one that has to be coordinated correctly or else it falls into not-lolita or ita very easily. But when I first got into lolita I didn’t have much money and I was too young to order from the internet (16 I think, maybe 15). And when I saw it I fell in love and had an unearthly desire to make a lolita coord. But all said and done it is still just a $20 skirt from Forever 21 that is starting to show its age (cotton lawn + frequent wear = eventual death). I just wish my brown leather vest belt wasn’t AWOL as that was part of my fav coord for this. L

My oldest brand item is my Lolita camo skirt from Victorian Maiden. I love that thing. I just can’t find any info on when it was made or what it was called. But the tag says Victorian Maiden (and it had the hang tags when I bought it too) and they’ve done that style of skirt again since. I also bought it on clearance at AX 09 so I know it is at least two years old at this point but I’d guess it was from Spring of 08. The colors are very spring and since it was on clearance I figure it’d been warming a shelf for a while. I’m weird with brand though, I only buy brand I’m absolutely in love with. The only brand I’ve ever decided to sell are the Swan Lake socks I from my trip to the San Fran Baby store. I didn’t realize they weren’t OTK and knee highs look terrible on me. As soon as I got them out of the plastic I knew they wouldn’t be long enough so I haven’t even bother with trying them on. But other than that, the only time I can see myself getting rid of brand is when I wear it out. And even then I’ll probably go all Joseph has a Little Overcoat on it and turn what is still good into something else. But then again I hold onto fashion I adore until it is seriously dead. I’m only now considering taking my 15+ year old pansy sheets out of rotation because they’re pretty thin. But I’ll still make a dress or nightdress out of them and then add the scraps to my scrap bag I will eventually make a quilt from.

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