Monday, October 3, 2011

Make-Up Monday: Everyday Lip Colours

This may be an every other week feature, I'm not sure.

I thought I'd do a comparison shot of all the Neutral/Nude/Light/Everyday lipsticks I own.

Obviously all aren't nude but you put a true nude lip colour on me and I start looking corpse like.

I went from darkest to lightest, though Satin might actually be a smideg darker pink. The bottom lip is tube to lip and the top is a very light application.

Rimmel: Just So
This used to be the color I used for all mid century period inspired outfits, it is a good color for that, especially since combining a flat red with a heavily smokey eye makes me look like I belong in a harem.

Chanel Rouge Coco: Satin
This is my current go to for that medium pink lip that I love for midcentruy period looks. It has a fainter scent which I like and looks a bit smoother. And I always feel a warmer tone makes me look less dead.

Rimmel: Paradise
The most nude shade of the bunch and I don't ever really wear it. I just tink it looks weird on me in the mirror though in photos it looks okay.

Rimmel: Airy Fairy
This used to be my everyday color because it is just about an exact match as the color of my lips. So I didn't have to worry if it had worn a bit as noone could really tell.

Chanel Rouge Coco: Perle
I bought this when I was still job hunting and wanted something professional for interviews and for when I eventually started my career. I fully admit I went with Chanel because that was a Grown Up brand and I wanted to be a Grown Up. It was my first bit of Chanel make up and after it being my everyday for about a week I realized how awesome it was. And once again it seems a bit more warm toned which always suits me better than neutral or cool toned things.


Rimmel costs about $5 a tube and Chanel costs about $32. Needless to say if I don't think it is a color I will wear often I'm not going to buy it from Chanel but I may buy it from Rimmel. The only advantages for Chanel are that you can test out colors in store before buying (so you don't spend $5 on a color that really doesn't work and will never be worn, I've lost $15 that way so far), the fragrance is a bit weaker (Rimmel is almost too strong to bear right when putting it on) and the texture of Chanel looks a little better but not markedly so. Both are good brands of lipstick, but Chanel demonstrates that better quality does go hand in hand with price.

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