Thursday, October 13, 2011

Haute Court... I mean Couture

There's a difference between 'high fashion' and 'hilariously impractical' but during Gaultier's Fall 2009 line the line was hard to see. Maybe because it'd be a fabulous wardrobe on a scifi.
 “Are you a fan of high fashion? Haute couture? Let’s take a break from Lolita today, and tell us about one of your favorite designers. If you don’t like high fashion, are there any other types of fashion that you like, or do you surround yourself with Lolita at all times?”

They had a tendency to die, or in some cases to avoid shanking to live to cause more trouble.
 Please forgive the pun up there, the Haute Court of Baldwin IV's time was just as silly as Haute Couture can be so it is forever linked in my brain. I enjoy gazing in but I take it with a grain of salt. I find Zoolander a good (satirical) summary of the fashion biz and ‘high fashion’. But I love looking at pics from the runway and watching Project Runway. It’s the same reason I love looking at Daily Lolita and other coord pics, I just love looking at fashion. I love sketching ideas. I love playing with clothing and design.

But I do have two fav designers of which I will probably never own anything from.

I fully admit to lovely quirkly heels. And metallic heels.

Christian Siriano
His shoes. OMG. They never fit me but he does things I love with shoes. They’re slightly futuristic and decadent. That is my fav combination by the way. Make me look like an astronaut that belongs in the Count of Monte Cristo anime or like one of the crazy support programs from Tron. The problem with his best shoes is that they never make it to Payless I only see them in runway pics! Sadness! I also loved a lot of the stuff he did on Project Runway but I’ve been less excited about his clothes since.

Practical? Probably not. Amazing? Completely.

Nicolas Ghesquiere for House of Balenciaga

Futuristic impossible looking clothes that actually can function? Yes please. The tights and that vest are my absolute fav of just about anything ever. If I could own one brand item of any brand ever it would be those tights. They are freaking amazing.

But other than those two weird examples I don’t really follow particular designers. I love what Burberry does but the whole brand not just one designer. Other than that it is normally just one or two outfits/seasons from a person because they fit my odd aesthetic. I love glancing at style columns to see what pops out though.

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