Thursday, October 6, 2011

Trends: My favs and whether being in tune with them honestly matters

What are your favorite or least favorite trends in Gothic & Lolita? Do you think it’s important to follow them, or to wear whatever you want?”
I love that stars are big right now. Forget hearts I love stars and put stars in place of the dots of polka dots and you’ve got my money.

Also, green. And not mint green but hunter and olive. The fact we’re getting more of that makes me ecstatic! Maybe it says something about me by the two brand clothing (not including shoes and socks) items I have are both green of a not mint variety.
Green, Ash, Ink Blue and Phantom Grey are my favs, in just about that order.

Regimental Stripes. Oh. Oh my. I feel the need to fan myself. Victorian Maiden has done the most beautiful things with regimental striping but Innocent World has combined regimental striping and a green that is somewhere between Hunter and British Racing. Swoon. I just wish they had a flattering length JSK.
Some can really pull it off. But their numbers have been few.

There are plenty of trends I’m happy are dead and some which need to die but I’m very firm about my to each their own rule. As long as they love what they’re wearing then I don’t care too much.

I would say "Can chunky and/or age playish shoes die next?" but that would be rude. 
But that would be the crux of my position. If what you wear makes you happy then by all means. Then again this is coming from the girl with not one, not two but six or so Corvette specifically lolita items so my taste may be subject. But I love my Corvette stuff just as I love the stars and green trends.

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  1. You and your cars. I miss you by the way!!! (Oh, and this is Tori, if you didn't know.)