Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quality Definitely Over Quantity

It’s no secret that quality matters to most Lolitas, but how much does it matter to you? Do you look for bargains to save as much money as possible, or are you willing to make sacrifices for high-quality products? Would you be more content with a closet full of bargain items, or one or two expensive pieces? Feel free to expand on this broad topic.
If you like, think of this outside of the context of Lolita as well–does your philosophy manifest in other areas of your life”
I'll eat my 33¢ cereal in my $300 dress and love it all the same.
I walk a bit of a fine line here, I look for quality and will pay very good money for it (or for something I’m drooling over) but also will buy less than great quality as long as it will get the job done. And I try to follow a similar set of guidelines as one of my favorite bloggers/writers, he’s summed it up rather beautifully here: He’s also the guy who inspired me to always only live out of a backpack when travelling (okay I cheat and normally have a laptop bag which I can also shove my purse into but if I were to do more foot travel it would just be the backpack). Even when I’m doing full lolita. I don’t subscribe to his full idea of only the things I absolutely want/need but the idea behind it is very stout. I will spend $150 on a pair of Alice and the Pirates boots even though they aren’t real leather because I’ve been in love with them for ages and I was able to try them on in the store to make sure they fit perfect.

Why aren't you real leather?

But I also try to be smart when buying, I often wait for things to go on sale or clearance or until I have a coupon. Leather gloves at Target? They are some of the few that fit my tiny hands and if I like a certain pair or two enough I keep an eye on them and get them when they are on clearance (or the last pair no matter the price if I’m in love).

Walking in Target, there was a sign for all hats and gloves 40% two days only. So these gloves I've been covetting (Rossi Yellow!) are now mine for $4 less than before. Watch as someone gets them for me for Christmas.

But I also cheap out too. I’ll buy offbrand food and toilette products when I find no difference. Some things I’m kind of stern about like I hate spending money on furniture. Then again with how often I move this works for me since I never take furniture with me when I move. There are very few pieces of furniture I’ve ever bought. I bought a second hand couch, a folding bookcase (which I still own) and a DVD rack (which I no longer own) before my current apartment. That’s it. I had a bit more need so I had to buy some things for the new apartment: a small pantry, two DVD racks and small bookcase, all costing $20 or less each because I probably won’t take them with me in a few years when I next move. I’m scouring craigslist for a free/$20 desk. But I spent a good chunk of change on a 32” flat screen tv. I needed a flat screen because I’m not very strong and have to be able to lift it and I wanted a good sized tv. But for what I got (its even a name brand) I didn’t make out too bad, thanks to the pawn shop.

I don't always move, but when I do I dress fabulously.

I act in similar ways with lolita, I’m willing to pay $250-300 for a Victorian Maiden dress because I know the fit and quality are superb but almost always I won’t buy a Btssb or AatP dress unless I’m absolutely in love because the fit is not so great and the quality is also lesser (in my opinion). I also make a lot of my own clothes because it saves me money and I love some of the fabrics out there. And I’ve always got an eye out for off brand blouses that I can wear with lolita, I can never ever see myself paying full price for a brand blouse and even sale prices are kind of crap. It’s not that I don’t like some brand blouses but that I don’t love them enough to spend the asking price. If they were $20? I’d definitely have a few. But not $80+. And it is a rare occasion when I’ll spend money on brand shoes. I prefer real leather, especially for that price. The Justine boots are a rare exception because I really do love them. I love them so much that when they wear out I’ll probably find a cobbler to make a replica of them (but in real leather).

Utena size sleeve poof for $6 from an Austin thrift store! :D

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