Friday, February 17, 2012

Loliable Alert! Old Navy Black Chiffon/Crepe Skirt

Consider this a new feature. I've gotten a couple compliments about my offbrand wardrobe so I thought I'd try to help out my loli sisters. Please note my aim is show things I actually buy/plan to buy/would buy so most things will likely be clearance or on sale.

Today's item:

On the website it is about $30 at the moment but at my local Old Navy it was only $12 and they had a grey/yellow/white stripe in place of the pink/navy stripe option. It easily wears as both a high waisted and a regular waist skirt and the black variant is sublime for gothic. The ribbon belt is grosgrain but takes two seconds to slip out for a diff ribbon or belt.

A few notes:
-Size down like the reviews said, it has shirring in the back so it has stretch to it and the xs is juuust small enough for me.
-It isn't really worth $30. If you see it for $20 or less then go with it. It is very light and airy and I'm betting is going to be a pain to clean (will let you know since I got the black and the yellow).
-If you get a smaller size you will have to put the petticoat between the top layer and the lining. It isn't hard, just something to note. Might not be a problem for larger size wearing lolis.

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