Monday, February 20, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Morgana Cryptoria Glosses and Eyeshadows

Thought I'd lump these together since I only had two glosses in this order. You've heard me rave about customer service and all that before so the two sec version: great customer service, about a month to get and decent pricing for a hand crafted small business made product (I like supporting small business).

So, let's start with the glosses. I got Pimped Out Pumpkin and Fallen Leaves. Very pretty colors. I ordered the $5 pots since I'd heard they are easier to stir should the gloss seperate and I didn't know if I would like the formula. Not much of a gloss fan usually. But let me tell you I love these. The color is easily made opaque and isn't too hard to just use as a tint either. A tip for wearing the whole day, either put a lipstick beneath it or at like 6 hours in just take a quick swipe with a paper towel to get a bit of the dried gloss off before reapplying and you'll have no issues. It is also very easy to remove unlike dedicated longwear glosses but when applied right won't wear off your lips too much when eating and drinking and stuff.

Pimped Out Pumpkin did suffer the dreaded seperation but it is a pot and stirs easily back together. Have to do it every time though. Fallen Leaves doesn't have that problem so I'm wondering if it is the chai fragrance doing it (Fallen Leaves was unscented). The chai fragrance mellows with time to be quite pleasant btw.

And here it is worn. It is a lovely color though I'd like it a little darker. Sometimes I just put a dot of Fallen Leaves at the center and blend it out which darkens it ever so slightly to quite a nice color. The gloss wears well eventually drying so it is kind of like a lipstick which is neat.

Fallen Leaves is far more chocolatey than red and the shift is a bit more golden than green but I still really like it. It wears to a more reddish brown matte. It also feels like you're painting melted chocolate on your lips since it is a bit thicker than Pimped Out Pumpkin.

Price: $5 for a 3oz pot and $12 for a 10oz tube (if you KNOW you'll like a color just get the tube since it is $1.20 an oz vs $1.67 an oz and less shipping on repeated refills).
Packaging: 3/5 (pot)
No matter what gloss gets in on the lid and escapes. Too messy to keep in the purse.
Quality: 5/5
For how opaque and easy to use it is and how it isn't streaky it is wonderful. It also just feels luxe.
Value: 5/5
You may pay less for other glosses but if you want opaque and long wearing this is your winner.
Overall: 4.34/5
Neither collects clear goo under your lips, the colors are delightfully opaque and the formula is not sticky feeling though if your bangs hit your lips they will stick there like with any gloss.


These are loose mineral shadows, the full size is 1.5grams and man I wish there was a larger option. But then when I like a color I never want to run out.

And here are the swatches. I got Pyramid Scheme, Alexandria, Magic Plum and Harbringer. On the left is with no base and on the right is with base.
Pretty sure I already showed you Pyramid Scheme, Alexandria and Harbringer used in looks but lately I've been loving Magic Plum and Harbinger together.

I like that it brings out the green in my eyes. And it reminds me of the storm clouds in Lion King when Simba talks with Cloud!Dad.

Price: $5.50 for 1.5 grams in a little screw top jar.
Packaging: 4/5
It's a jar, Frank. It isn't really good or bad, though I feel like I'm going to fumble it and spray my counter with pretty sparkly color. I do like how it is all clear so it is easy to see the product, the label on the bottom if I need it.
Quality: 4/5
In order to get the really pretty color for Harbringer I have to have a thick layer of primer and then apply the shadow thick. It makes the lids a little heavy but otherwise the shadows are silky and nice.
Value: 3/5
I'm not saying it is Chanel pricing but it doesn't feel like a lot, especially with how you need to pack on some colors. But it isn't too horrendous really.
Overall: 3.67/5
If you see a color you really like then def go for it. You probably won't be disappointed. If you're waffling then it isn't the best bang for your buck but it isn't a bad buy either.

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