Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kitsuke of the Month: January 2012

I don't foresee this feature ever having more than a few coords per post since it takes so long for me to get dressed (about an hour, not including hair and make-up) and it isn't something I can wear to work. But! I still want a record of my coords, so years from now I can look back and lol at myself, something I can't do with lolita.


 Okay so my next goal (since this month I've remedied a serious lack of obijime and such) is to learn how to pose for pics while wearing kimono (and remember left over right for my collar before I get the obi on)! I didn't realize how odd it is until I tried. :x Also I kind of fudged on a proper musubi (that's the obi bow) for two reasons: I was getting tired of getting dressed, had the obi on but had yet to tie the bow and I realized I was going to be running a ton of errands so lots of driving so I didn't reaaaally want to an obimakura (the pillow to give body to the musubi). So I just twisted it once then pulled it around, half square knotted it and tucked it in like an obi-age. I think I need to pad my waist more so my ohashori will be more flat and crisp, what's larger than a hand towel but smaller than a bath towel?
Kimono: Vintage wool hitoe, geometric motif
Obi: Vintage purple "combined fiber", yabane and stripe motif.
Han-Eri: Quilter's cotton, homemade.
What does "combined fiber even mean, Shinei?!

As for adventuring I did in this... I really did just go run errands. Joann's, grocery store, Target, nothing special. The employees at my Joann's here in podunk absolutely ADORED this. Then the next time I went when I was checking out the one who has declared I'm her favorite told me that she always looks forward to me coming in because I'm always dressed so extravagantly. It all made up for the fact that there were a few other customers at Joann's especially who were "discreetly" giggling and pointing. I'm used to occasionally getting that in lolita (though here in podunk people normally think it's just cute) but it was a bit more embarrassing while in kimono. I think part of it is just that I'm new to kimono and afraid of making mistakes. And I watched the entire series of Bartender (so good). Laying down in a kimono is odd but comfortably doable. I debated going to the pub but it was my first time going to that pub so I decided to go incognito in a pair of jeans and my Card Playing Kitty hoodie. :)

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