Monday, February 11, 2013

Make-Up Monday: Skinfood Gold Cavier Serum

Samples doth continue! Now for something I ended up liking~.

A slightly slimy lotion like substance. It has gold flakes in it and the smell is slightly sweet but faint. There was enough in the packet for a few uses.

Despite it being slimy while applying it soaks in really well and I feel like it hydrates my skin very well without it feeling slick or dewey afterwards. I have no idea where the gold flakes go but they aren't on my face as far as I can tell. It also didn't aggravate my skin/cause break outs in the slightest which is something rare for my sensitive skin! If this product wasn't so expensive ($30 on ebay) I'd actually be down for buying a full bottle. But I only like it about $15 worth so I'll keep looking for a different moisturizer. If you're fine with the price, have sensitive skin to slightly dry skin and can get used to a slightly slimy application then I'd definitely recommend it.


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