Thursday, February 21, 2013

Outfits of the Fortnight v.14

This got delayed a week since I started laser hair treatments on my gams so I was stuck in pants for almost the whole week leading up and a lot of the week of the treatment. And I didn't want just one piddly outfit.

We had some hardcore spring weather out of nowhere so I ditched socks right before I had to let my legs get all gross. Once they were gross but post laser'd I hid them from the world under pants and long skirts. I happy to be able to wear socks and leggings again. :D
All Offbrand.

I really do love that Atelier Boz jsk, so comphy and easy to coord. Another spring themed outfit with pastels and greys. And yes my hair had decided to be fab though it still feels so short!
Blouse: Offbrand
JSK: Atelier Boz
Socks: Offbrand
Shoes: Offbrand

Valentine's day, I wasn't feeling all that fab and just threw on the red shoes and haori to attempt to be kind of festive for work.
Haori: Vintage
Everything else: Offbrand

We had a cold snap so I got to pull out the Commish coat again, yay!
Star clip: Handmade
Coat: Handmade
Shoes: Vintage
Skirt: HMHM
Everything else: Offbrand
Still cold. Mana bless thermal leggings.
JSK: Atelier Boz
Everything else: Offbrand

And back to warm weather. Doesn't feel like February at all. :x
Scarf: Vintage
Everything Else: Offbrand

And bonus:
Mardi Gras outfit. Since I knew some of the people at the party would be smoking I opted to not do lolita. I also got whistled at a few steps from my front door which was quite strange since I felt covered up. Then again I've got good gams. *shrugs*

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