Monday, July 8, 2013

Make-Up Monday: Morgana Cryptoria Dragonscale, Ginger Spice, Burnt Orange, Charleston and Asylum lipstick swatches

Look who's back! Though I'll be completely out of contact due to SDCC and the like for the rest of July. But! I should have some lovely new stuff to review once I get back since I plan on replenishing my stash of Asian beauty products. Not much lolita wearing has been going on due to the heat and humidity and my medical treatments making my legs gross and not so pretty but I'll be doing some during m trip so hopefully I'll remember to take pics and can have an OotF in August. :D

But onward to make-up!
Asylum is a pretty brownish grey with a pronounced green undertone/glow. It's very hard to photograph and get the green but it is there. For such a strange color (green) it actually applies remarkably well. But then again this is a MC lipstick so that's to be expected.

Charleston is a brown. I was hoping it would have a bit more of a red tint to it, it's almost there but not quite. It's a very dramatic color either way and not bad. Just very brown.
Dragonscale is very like Hydrangea, but the pink is a much more electric pink and instead of green sparkles it has a pronounced green shift. I adore it, while I ordered it hoping for something closer to hydrangea (there was no photo, just a short description) I really don't mind how it is different. Still beginning to run out of Hydrangea though. ToT

And now for our oranges. I absolutely love orange lipsticks, they're like red lipstick but blend in with my yellow toned skin better. I got Burnt Orange and Ginger Spice in the hopes they would be like 24k Pumpkin and Pumpkin Eater which are my two favorite lipsticks in the history of ever. They are similar but nowhere near being dupes.

I never thought of 24k Pumpkin as a dark lipstick until I compared these two! 24k Pumpkin has a darker, background and gold shift with it's gold sparkles where as Burnt Orange has a very straight up orange background with its gold sparkles. I really do like Burnt Orange though.

What you can't tell here is that Pumpkin Eater has a pronounced metallic quality to it. Not glitter or a shit it is just a metallic red orange. Ginger Spice is a reddish orange with copper sparkles. Ginger Spice is also a brighter/less dark color. A lovely color but it does was me out a tad.

All of the lipsticks were easy to apply as usual and came looking very swanky in professional looking tubes (excepting Asylum which came in a slim balm tube but it's a slim lipstick so expected). I'm happy with my purchase though the hunt for replacements for Pumpkin Eater, 24k Pumpkin and now Hydrangea continues! Hopefully Morgana Cryptoria will do a blast from the past thing during a future Halloween or something. :)

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