Monday, May 27, 2013

Make-Up Monday: Alba Botanica Rainforest Lush Facial Cream

Another "It was in the clearance bin and I'm out of face lotion so why not". This one is a lighter cream than the rosemary one which soaks in immediately. It also has a pump so it is easier to control how much I get. I like this one better than the Rosemary Light Night Cream, since we're starting to get humid this doesn't make my face feel like an oil slick but also actually moisturizes my skin. my skin seems a smidge happier using this as opposed to the Light Night Cream too: fewer zits!

The major downside is the smell, it is very strong. It is a pleasant smell for me but it is super strong and only just bearable. I would not buy this again because of how strong the smell is. It's something like Brazil nuts or some sort of tropical fruit.

Price: $5/
Packaging: 4/5
The packaging is super cute and doles out well. It could be cuter though!
Quality: 4/5
It leaves my face a bit dewy if it's a rainy day but otherwise the only drawback is how strong the scent is.
Value: 5/5
A face lotion my face actually seems to like for $5? Heck. Yes.
Overall: 4.33/5

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