Monday, May 13, 2013

Make-Up Monday: Botanics Complexion Refining Light Night Cream

I bought this solely because it was in the clearance bin and had rosemary on the packaging. I LOVE rosemary. It's my herb. So even though I normally avoid anti-acne/refining moisturizers because they irritate my sensitive skin.

It doesn't irritate my skin at all, it doesn't seem to do anything beneficial but it doesn't cause problems either so it wasn't a waste of my $7. I just wish it was in a tube instead of a jar I'm sticking my fingers in, I always end up with too much. I don't know how that refining is working out since I still have zits and the pores on my nose are still a bit big.

Price: $7
Packaging: 2/5
It closes and looks nice on the counter but a tube would help control how much product I get which would be nice.
Quality: 3/5
It neither harms nor helps, just moisturizes. Which goes against what it advertises but honestly finding something like that for my sensitive skin is tricky.
Value: 3/5
It works alright but not great and it doesn't smell obscenely like rosemary which is what I was hoping for.
Overall: 2.66/5

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