Thursday, May 16, 2013

Outfits of the Fortnight v.17

CotA Day 1
I wanted to be fancy on Sunday but I still wanted to wear both this shirt and this skirt (not necessarily together) at some point to the track which left Saturday for both of those. It was a comfortably outfit but my arms got a little toasty. And those are the same heels I wore the entirety of my camping trip at Laguna Seca! :D They're officially my MotoGP shoes.
Hat: Handmade
Scarf: Vintage
Shirt: Laguna Seca Red Bull Grand Prix 2012
Skirt: Handmade
Socks: Putumayo
Shoes: Offbrand

CotA Day 2

My original plan was to wear a kimono I have been working on for the big Sunday race. It's this super pretty transparent tsumugi kimono that I've been painting moto racing scenes on. There's still a lot I wanted to do with it and I was still absolutely exhausted from the day before so I decided against it. It was going to be a long day, maybe rain and I was already tired. So I went with my Vette jsk which got a ton of compliments~! And long sleeves since my arms were a bit toasted already.
Blouse: Offbrand
JSK: Handmade
Leggings: Offbrand
Shoes: Offbrand

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