Thursday, May 2, 2013

Outfits of the Fortnight #16 National Library Week edition~!

So one of my coworkers suggested that since we work in a library and we had a company wide spirit day coming up we should encourage everyone to dress as a favorite fictional character on both the spirit day and the day before (because not everyone works on the spirit day). I couldn't choose between three ideas (Dr. Layon, Dr. Iwamine and Jane Eyre) so I decided to just dress up the whole darn week. There were some other coords I totes would have done but my boss was firmly no masks, stage make-up or wigs (the wigs part killed me).

Dr. Layon (Zoids New Century)
Don't judge me for how much I still like Dr. Layon, over the years my love of Harry Champ has waned (he is a bit creepy with how much he doesn't take a hint) but Dr. Layon is still my favorite character from that show. Also finding good pics of him online is nigh impossible. I actually rewatched the series to plan the outfit. :x

Jane Eyre
I had to do at least ONE literary character and since I already have the dress I figured why the heck not.

Nanaki Kazuaki (Hatoful Boyfriend)
As my interns can attest, I talk about my Bird Game all the damn time. Because I used to play it on lunch break so it was fresh on my mind when I would come back to work. I had to do at least one outfit from it. Also I was coming in on my day off for a meeting so I wanted something chill and comfortable and our favorite narcoleptic math teacher has a mighty comfy outfit. I wish I could've worn a wig. I have the perfect blonde wig for this.

Cait Sith (FF7)
It looked better with the black blazer on, not sure why I forgot to put it back on. Likely had something to do with still being a little out of it from having my mouth worked on earlier that day.

Dr. Iwamine (Hatoful Boyfriend)

Ahahaha I forgot to take a pic. I was still barely functioning from the dental work from the day before (my coworker decided to plan to take both evenings off without mentioning it to me so my plan to get the work done Thursday when I could normally call out so I could just sleep for a solid day didn't work out). I'd just redo the coord but I borrowed the lab coat from one of my interns and have already returned it. :x

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