Friday, February 4, 2011

My Lolita Wardrobe

I'm not used to having such a small closet, most of my lolita is on the far left but some things I wear day to day is mixed in with the rest.

Let's start with tops:

All are off brand. Haven't used the navy regimental stripe one yet. Trying to figure out what to pair it with.

Again all offbrand

Offbrand too. Love both of them though.

And now to bottoms:

Vintage jodhpurs and an offbrand tea length skirt.

My first loli skirt and my first brand skirt. I absolutely love olivey/warm greens.

Home made skirts. The one on the right is a Victorian ice skaters print.

More home made skirts. The left I made solely so I could make use of the Green Hornet shirt I got at SDCC since L is huuuge on me. The one on the right is Tron Legacy themed. I wanted something to wear while doing ARG stuff and a loli skirt is easy to run in(easier than a Madame d'Pompadour costume anyways).

And here are my jsks:

Bodyline, vintage and one I got on comm_sales from pomelosplace

Home made. Okay, so a skirt/bolero set and a jsk but I liked having my Corvette stuff together. That is the back of the skirt since it is more fun than the front. It also needs a pressing and new lettering on the back (it mimics the rear of a Corvette so it should read Corvette between the brake lights).


All home made. And yes, the bottom left are Corvette bloomers. Mayhaps you sense a theme concerning my interests?


Both offbrand. I'm working on finding some better loli purses.

All offbrand. And all heels excepting the burgundy flats, grey/black booties and the riding boots.

My meager collection of off brand socks. I prefer stockings or leggings and those are boring to photograph.

Headgear and my stole. The black bow with netting, cloche and bowler (the flower is a clip I got in the craft exchange) are offbrand, the silver hat thing and autumn mini top hat are homemade. The other mini top hat and orange flower clip were gifts, the stole is vintage taken off my main loli coat (which isn't pictured but is a camel coloured wool wrap coat) and the fascinator I got at a craft fair at the Santa Anita racetrack.

The hankies and brown gloves are vintage, the others are offbrand as are all the belts and two of the ties. The other ties are Bodyline. I love the belt that looks like a vest a lot.

And Jewelry. Unless otherwise stated it is offbrand:

The Heartless brooch was a present from a friend of mine in college and the cameo is vintage.

The necklace with the Jerusalem pendant is handmade. The pendant was a Mont Gisard day present from a colleague/friend. My goal is to get a jewel toned blue and green and cornflower blue coord together just to got with it.

First is homemade, second was from the same craft exchange as the flower clip (and matches my blue/pink floral jsk fabulously) and third is one I've had for years and was a present from my grandparents. :)

And done! A few things didn't show up here, my petti and overcoat live in the coat closet and are pretty plain. My black short sleeve blouse and long sleeve white blouse are both in my closet, I just forgot them since they are mingled with my regular shirts right now and the green plaid skirt/capelet set from Bodyline is packed up somewhere. Probably the same place my Corvette brooch, Firebird emblem ring and sonic screwdriver wandered off to.

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