Friday, March 18, 2011

Lolita and the Weather: I don't care about temp just no rain or snow!

"Which season tends to be more conductive to your preferred style: Summer or Winter? In the opposite season, does your style change, or do you wear the same things and try to bear the cold/heat?"

I find spring and fall are my favorite lolita times but if I have to choose one of the extremes then I have to choose winter. I can wear a pair of riding boots so I don’t slip on the ice and wear a coat over my outfit until I get where I am going. Summer where I live is always really hot because of my dislike for snowy winters. Once you get over 90 oF then wearing full on lolita gets hot. You sweat more which wears out your clothes faster.

My style definitely changes in the summer, in winter I always wear a blouse under my jsks and sometimes I wear long sleeve ones. I also wear thicker bloomers and always a petticoat. In summer I almost never wear a blouse (unless I will be outside for a long time since I don’t need to burn my shoulders yet again) and I tend to wear very thin cotton bloomers. But petticoats have a habit of not getting worn unless it is a special event or meet up. Organza in the heat gets ITCHY! But to counter the lack of poof I make my summer bloomers VERY poofy. My favorite way to make skirt supporting but cool bloomers is to use thin white eyelet. The fabric is thin and the holes help keep air moving. If I’m wearing a skirt then I have two very thin, light blouses which help keep me cool.

The other main difference between is that in winter I will do full face make-up and sometimes wear wigs and hats but in summer I cut the foundation and mix primer into my lotion and just powder my face (but still do lipstick/gloss and full eye make-up). I occasionally wear wigs in the summer but they are without fail short. If it is super hot out I like the air on my neck.

But the biggest thorn in my side is never the temp (I’ve dealt with 127F in pants and long sleeves when I worked at the National Park), my biggest weather gripe is stuff coming from the sky. Rain, snow, ash, hail, if it is coming down from the sky it is making a very good argument for me to not wear loli. I want to be happy while wearing lolita, not uncomfortable.

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  1. Eyelet bloomers are such a good idea for hot weather!