Monday, March 21, 2011

Make-up Monday: My Favorite Lipstick While Growing Up

Growing up, I used to love looking through my mom's Body Shop catalogs. Everything looked so pretty! My dad would sometimes commute to an office that was right near a mall with a Body Shop store and so he'd buy me things (he knew he couldn't go wrong with anything from the Satsuma line) every so often. One Christmas sometime in middle school he got me two of the trial lipstick sets, one called Fire Cracker was okay but it was all gold and brown tones which I had no idea how to use. The other was called Ice Queen and came with a lavender, a white, a light pink and a dark red. To this day, I am forever in search of another tube of the red which is called Loganberry.

The pink was a great everyday kind of color, perfect for me since I got to wear lipstick without it really being a hassle. The white and lavender were a little more difficult though the lavender came in handy when I did a Faust VIII costume. The red, I've been in love with since day one. It is a deep, wine kind of red but it is not overly blue and it is not orangey in its redness.

As you can see the closest I've gotten is Rimmel's True Vintage lipstick though it isn't quite as dark. I keep hoping one day Body Shop will pull Loganberry out of the vault. I'd buy three.

Just like if I ever see the Rimmel Kiss & Stay in All Night Flirt again I'll be getting another one. It isn't Loganberry but it is pretty none the less.

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