Monday, August 13, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Gel in Clear

I got my first brow gel when I was a wee lass and my mom was subtly hinting that my young little brows needed taming. They were quite wild and I'm glad she kinda forced me down to pluck them every so often. I'm not sure what she meant when she sent me brow gel this time around but I'm just going to live in lala land and pretend she just got a free sample she didn't want (and knows I don't turn down beauty products). Despite being out of the house many moons my brows are more tamed than ever (though I recently messed up my shape d'oh).

But for lolita beauty blogging science I figured I'd use this for awhile and see if it was good.

The packaging is very sleek, it feels very grown up. I dig it.

It has your basic wand applicator and the gel doesn't clump too bad. It also feels really cool when applying and is rather shiny but the shininess fades a bit so it isn't as noticable.

I like how I can shape my sometimes unruly brows and this keeps them in line. Cause sometimes they don't feel like staying in line.

And now that I see pics of my brows I realize I really need to work on that shape!

Price: $21
Packaging: 5/5
Both sleek and grown up but also kinda girly. I dig.
Quality: 4/5
It holds all day but clumps a little during application and leaves my brows a bit stiff (though that's expected kinda).
Value: 3/5
Ehhh, You can buy a cheapie clear mascara that will do pretty much the same thing. It is pretty and if you're offered a sample size for free then I'd say take it.
Overall: 4/5

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