Monday, August 6, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Make-Up Setting Spray

In the summer I'm not sure if it is me glistening (women in the South don't sweat, we glisten) or if I'm just a freakin' oil slick but my face powder is hard pressed to last all day and foundation? Forgettaboutit. Does De-Slick help? Meh to lord no.
The packaging is pretty basic and I like the spray function. Except it makes it hard to control where it goes. This is important later.
I had to apply two coats of tinted moisturizer in order for it to get full coverage. I normally just have to do one. But I didn't have any problems when it came to powder or applying my eyeshadow primer. Eyeshadow didn't seem to have too many problems either though I see now it was a touch patchy (or already creasing?!). I sprayed a few times on top of everything and went about my business but about an hour later I realized my eyeshadow had creased.

My eyeshadow never creases. That is not an issue my primer has. I applied some more eyeshadow over the creasing but an hour later is was back to all its crease-y glory.

At the end of the day my face make-up was still pretty much in place (powder aside but I lean on my hands at my desk so that's expected). For foundation this seems great. Just keep it away from eyeshadow.

Price: $12/.51oz and $29/4oz
Packaging: 4/5
The packaging delivers the product really well and is sturdy enough to be thrown in luggage. Not very pretty though.
Quality: 2/5
It seriously makes my eye shadows crease. I rather reapply powder throughout the day than deal with creased shadows. It does hold on to foundation fairly well though.
Price: 2/5
For a product that is difficult to use/doesn't work well it is very pricey.
Overall: 2.66/5
Avoid putting it on your eye shadows if you're going to use it at all!

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