Monday, November 19, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Smakers Disney To-ki-o Treats Eyeshadow duo in First Love

There's a reason I try to not walk past the cosmetic aisle when I go to the store. Something will catch my eye and I'll buy it. The to-ki-o treat display was so cute, all the packaging was cute. I thought about getting both shadow duos (the other has Daisy on it!) but I didn't know if I'd like the shadow. Smackers makes good lip gloss and balm but I'd never tried any of their other stuff before.

I've been using it for a while now, please excuse the powder. I actually suggest using a brush in place of the sponge applicator though. Brush works awesome. Applicator not so much.

And here I have the two colors swatched. I got First Love because I need some more super pale options for my eye shadows. I really like both, they are great and since they are pressed they travel well (used this at Afest).

I used the milky color right by my brow, pink below and then the bottom is Evil Shades Drakon. You can switch in just about any brown or tan for the bottom and get a great soft eye. The shadow stays in place well (I use primer) and is easy to apply. I really like it and will probably pick up City Nights next time I see it too.

Price: $5
Package: 5/5
Cute, easy to view the shadow and easy to get the shadow out. It is also sturdy. This is about everything I could want from packaging (except making it heart and jewel shaped, why don't we get canmake here?)
Quality: 5/5
Easy to apply, stays and doesn't explode in the container (oh Ulta eye shadows, always a party). I dig.
Value: 5/5
$5 for two decent sized plates of shadow is a good price, especially when the packaging is cute and the product is good.
Overall: 5/5
I hope Smackers expands their shadow offerings! I've always dug their cheap but nice and cute lip stuff so I'm really open to more from them! Sadly I know they'll never do anything but pastels since it is meant for preteens. *sigh*

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