Monday, November 26, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Ulta Pressed Eye Shadow Singles

Don't buy these. That is a terrible way to start a review but seriously. Don't buy these. The packaging and colors look nice enough and they have cool names. You are there in Ulta going, "these are nice colors with cool names and they're not too expensive, I'll grab one or five." I've never had great luck with them. I'll be showing you Mesmerize and Deep Sea (which I somehow have 3 of. Apparently I'm drawn to the color though I never wear it).

Mesmerize is the most deceptive of the lot, it has that cool duochrome! DUOCHROME! Take my money, Ulta! I want a duochrome green/beige! Also not how it is scraped? Yeah, this is my second time using this
As you can see the duochrome does not come through when on your face. Considering Urban Decay, Morgana Cryptoria and Evil Shades have all done great duochrome shadows there is no reason for this to happen other then them being cheap/just not caring. Mesmerize is by the brow, Deep Sea is by the lash and Urban Decay omen is in the corner because I wanted some freaking duochrome gosh darn it.

Price: $2.99-$7 depending on the sale
Package: 4/5
Sturdy, lets you view the color. Looks alright. I care most about it being sturdy and it is.
Quality: 1/5
You will get color, you will have to work for it but you will get it. You won't get duochrome. And it'll do that thing pressed shadows do where they kind of turn to rock and your brush can barely get any color off of it. Sucktastic. The shadow itself is prone to shatter/explode if you drop it too. Peachy, ne?
Value: 2/5
You'll get color. You'll work hard for it and be annoyed but if it is this or no shadow on my eyes I'd grudgingly use this.
Overall: 2.3/5
Suuuucks. Don't waste your money unless this is a matter of life or pantslessness. And even then, you're in an Ulta or on the internet, there are other options. Even other budget options. And are you really saving money if you buy crap you won't use? Exactly.

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