Monday, April 15, 2013

Make-Up Monday: Victorian Disco Cosmetics

There is no picture for this since... I never received my product.

I ordered during last year's Memorial Day sale. My order was only resolved the end of March.

May 2012
So I ordered during the Memorial Day sale and then the owner got sick. Hey, it happens. I figured she would fill the orders or whatever when she was doing better.

August 2012
I hadn't heard anything so I looked online and noticed that on her facebook page she was offering to give refunds to those who wanted them. I really wanted the eye shadows I'd ordered instead and didn't mind waiting a bit longer so I didn't email her about a refund.

October 2012
I emailed asking what was going on. I got one response back saying she would look into things.

Januaryish 2013
I emailed again asking what was up but got no response back.

March 2013
The intern who had suggested Victorian Disco to me was telling me about the order from them she had just ordered and received within that month. Naturally I was not a happy camper as I hadn't heard back from the owner in months for an order placed almost a year ago. So I emailed her again asking when exactly my order would be filled. She got back to me, said most of what I had ordered she no longer had stock of and offered to let me either substitute or get a refund. I chose a refund since the ones which had spurred the order in the first place weren't available any more and apparently no more would ever be made.

I am a very understanding person, especially when it comes to illness or something else completely out of a person's control messing things up. If she had kept up communication (she didn't, her facebook page went untouched for a long time in there and her website went down) I wouldn't have nearly as much of a problem.

What gets me is that she obviously didn't go through the order backlog once she was better. You wouldn't even have to fill the orders, she could have gone though and refunded them all and this wouldn't be a negative review. It's the fact I had to keep pushing to get a resolution.

So, uh, I guess if you like a gamble and don't actually have your heart set on any of the shadows you order then you could take a go but otherwise I would advise y'all to not.

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  1. Hey Clara! I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with me, and I do apologize whole-heartedly that you had to wait so long and get so frustrated from everything that happened. Not going to make any excuses, there are none, I was very disorganized and there's no excuse to make you feel so jipped or upset. As a consumer myself, I would hate to have been upset about something like this, and I know what it feels like when things like this happen with other companies. So again, I do apologize and I hope you have better experiences with others indies and this doesn't deter you from trying them out ;)