Friday, April 15, 2011

10 Things I Love About Lolita (And 5 Things I Hate)

10 Things I Love About Lolita
1) That it is a modest fashion.
2) That tailoring and quality are valued.
3) The people I get to see at meet ups. Most of them are awesome.
4) Getting pretty. It takes awhile but it is nice if I’m not in a hurry.
5) The fact other people share my love of clothes made of couch fabric.
6) The fluffy skirts!
7) Seeing all the gorgeous coord pics people post online.
8) The love of hilariously OTT hair accessories and jewelry.
9) People who appreciate making things like clothes.
10) That princess feeling. Not the hauty diva attitude but that regal, sunny feeling I get from dressing up so very prettily.


5 Things I Hate About Lolita
1) THE NAME. Seriously.
2) The drama caused by a few overly politically correct bad apples.
3) Giant head eating wigs.
4) The shoes! Aside from the classical brands they are chunky and ageplay like.
5) The price. Blag $300 dresses and pleather shoes that sell for leather prices.

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