Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Brief Reprieve From Lolita

Last week I went and saw Jane Eyre and kind of sort of fell completely in love. Michael Fassbender has been on my list of people where if they are in a film, I'm just going to go see it. The man can act. And he didn't disappoint in Jane Eyre.

He is also just the right mix of awesome actor, not handsome and not hideous to be the perfect Mr. Rochester.

I left the theater in a bit of a happy haze which I've not had after a movie in ages (I think the last one was 9, but I'm not sure). Half of that was from the dresses which sang a siren song to me. 'But I've got enough sewing projects' I thought, 'and I don't have the proper under garments'. That evening I downloaded a copy of the book to my kindle and figured it'd be a fun on and off read. Oh yeah, sure. Jane's childhood is a bit less than fun to slog through but it is totally necessary. It establishes who Jane is and what has made her that way. Then Jane gets to Thornfield and we get some powerful scenes. Oh my. Rochester and Jane are so not an ideal relationship and things are weird but somehow it is super enjoyable to read and there is a passion (pronounced in the super hilarious, Italian sportscar way, btw) to their interactions. I finished the book in about five days, finishing it by not sleeping the last night of that because I couldn't put it down.

When I had first left the theater I thought it was an awesome movie and liked Jane as Mia W. portrayed her. After reading the book... I still like both. They are just two different Janes, kind of similar but totally not. Book Jane is a bit more playful and teasing and proud which we are able to get to fully know since it is written from her point of view, as if she was telling us the story in person or in a veeeery long letter. Movie Jane is much more reserved and kind of... timid. Most of it is probably since we don't have Jane commenting on everything but the air that Mia W. gave off just felt more timid and being pulled by the tides. I don't dislike it but I do prefer Book Jane.

The trailer is kind of a terrible example of the movie's quality but it shows the pretty clothes!

In short: Loved the movie (Fassbender should get a freaking award btw), LOVED the book and fell in love with the clothing.

Which is where this post's title comes in. I tried to fight it but within a few days I succumbed to the desire for a Jane Eyre wardrobe. It doesn't help that there was a big clearance at Hancock so I got a lavender/grey stripe shirting, super fine black cotton and some white with black/grey stripe shirting (more Ingram than Eyre but I love white and I didn't see any black taffeta for cheap). The pink fabric I had wanted a corset made out of for ages was also on sale which also helped. Since that style needs a proper corset base.

So, for the next few weeks this blog will pretty much be on field trip to the 1840's. The garments are still beautiful and I've got some hilarious sewing fail stories on my part (wire hangers as boning in a corset for the lol) so I'm sure y'all won't mind too much. I'll also be reviewing Matches and Matrimony, a Pride and Prejudice/Sense and Sensibility/Persuasion crossover visual novel which was posted up on egl last week as well. Oh, and the last two weeks of May and the first two weeks of June will likely be a bit empty on my part. Botcon is the first weekend of June so there's a bit of prep and breakdown concerning that and I've got to get my capstone stuff all settled at that time as well. I'll try and post some interesting things but they may be themed on transforming robots. :D

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