Friday, April 8, 2011

Role Models: Not Quite All Lolita

Do you have a favorite Lolita, Aristocrat, Goth, etc.? What do you admire most about her/his style?"

They aren’t all lolita but they all influence me and my lolita style.
OTT: Valentino Rossi

Not a lolita but he’s so very over the top. I almost chose one pic because I could have gone with the caption: "Pssh, highlighter yellow and primary blue totally match." He also likes having cartoon pictures of his dogs either on his helmet or on his bike. He’s taught me not to be afraid of wearing bright things with random things on it.

Gothic: Marius (ala Queen of the Damned)
Aside from the fact he’s just handsome, I love how the character of Marius always manages to wear a red jacket/coat and look fancy. He is the one and only reason I went out of my way to make a red velveteen jacket. I didn’t quite follow the exact style of his red velvet blazer but I’m sure he’d think it’s a fine one. He also very much embodies a love of the arts and all things gorgeous in his own book, Blood and Gold. And the vampire thing kind of lends itself to gothic.

All Around: Marie Antoinette and Madame du Pompadour
Hey look, some ladies are on my list. These two are just so beautiful, I’d wear any of their dresses, either shortened to knee length or not. Just. So. Pretty. I liked both the film for Marie Antoinette and the episode of Doctor Who with Reinette. Marie Antoinette had absolutely gorgeous costuming, set design, photography and food. Reinette was so dignified and beautiful. I love dignified and beautiful. And her theme from the soundtrack is one of my favorite tracks ever.

So yeah, half my fashion role models are dudes and only Vale and Reinette are otherwise role models to me. Go figure.

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