Monday, April 18, 2011

Make-Up Monday: Physician's Formula Virtual Eyes Loose Eyeshadow in Techno Plum

Another throw back kind of item, this has been one of my favorite eyeshadows since about forever. It was discontinued a long time ago but you can find it on ebay. It also seems to never run out, since I've had it for a few years and it is still pretty full.

The print has worn away a bit since this always goes in my travel bag.

This eyeshadow is full of shimmer and stays on (with a base) pretty darn well. I bought it originally because it matched Faust VIII's perfectly. It has only grown on me since.

Of course, it wasn't eyeshadow for him, he just never slept.

It has only been recently that is went into my regular rotation though. I'm not sure why but it blends really nicely with my black eyeshadow so that is a big plus for me.

That is with base, with base it stays very nicely though when applying I tend to get some fall out (but I've got a shaky hand). I tried to take a picture with flash but it washes out to just about the same color as the skin on my forearm. The not flash picture is color accurate and shows the approximate amount of shimmer seen when on the eye though.

Price: ~$5 on ebay, $1.50 at Big Lots.
Packaging: 3/5
The packaging is solid and very unobtrusive. It can be a bit of a pain to get the powder out in the small amount needed for a daily look but it is possible.
Quality: 5/5
It applies, stays on and feels great.
Value: 5/5
It lasts just about forever and is nice to work with and wear. That is the definition of a 5 here.
Overall: 4.33/5
Pretty good, I'd definitely buy it again should I ever run out.

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  1. I have the brown one and only lately took it up -- also on discovering the way it reacts with brown. Maybe we should petition them to reinstate it...