Monday, December 10, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Gucci Westman for Revlon lip gloss in Crystal Waters

I had no intentions on getting this gloss or any Revlon gloss really. I'm not normally a fan of too many glosses so I don't even bother. But I saw this at the grocery store and it was practically glowing blue. And then I saw a $2 off coupon taped to it and figured why the heck not.
It is a generously sized gloss and the packaging is very grown up but still shows off the main player, the lovely, almost glowing gloss.
The applicator is basically a spatula like one that also happens to be fuzzy. It works and that is all I care about.
Sadly the ethereal bluish glow in the tube does not happen on the lips. But it makes them shiny and has a subtle sparkle so it isn't a total wash. It also smells divine, like vanilla cake without frosting. I'm used to glosses with frosting like scents so this was a nice departure from that. It also moisturizes my lips and fades nicely since it is colorless. Even without the blue glow I really like it (hence why it lives in my purse).
Price: $7.50 for .2oz
Packaging: 5/5
It is pretty and sophisticated and the applicator works very well.
Quality: 5/5
It is moisturizing the scent isn't sickly sweet and the subtle sparkle makes it my favorite go to for just something to moisturize my lips without having to worry about color.
Value: 5/5
You don't need much to do you so the amount in the tube isn't bad at all and it is such a nice product that for $7.50 that is quite a deal. And Revlon coupons aren't hard to come by so it'd be easy for this to only be $4-$5.50.
Overall: 5/5

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