Monday, June 4, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Evil Shades Bane, Corruption and Jenaveve Deviant Lipsticks

I kinda was weirded out by the feel of Deviant Lipsticks when I first started using them. But my god are the matte ones amazing. Just took some getting used to. So I ordered a few more with my last order from Evil Shades. :3
Directly after applying.

It is the lipstick shade of the Lost Kiss gloss. And it is fun. If you want a subtle blue shift this is great for that (if you want in your face blue shift then check out Morgana Cryptoria's Galaxy gloss). I enjoy this bubblegum pink with a blue shift a lot. Also when it wears done the blue becomes more prominent but eludes my camera as with most shifts.

Directly After applying.
After breakfast and coffee.
This is a dark grape purple. I bought it solely for the name and the fact that it is Shockwave purple. It can be a little more tricky than the others to apply since it is SUCH a dark unnatural color but once you get it warmed up it really isn't much of a bother. I haven't had the courage to wear it out of the house yet but one day!

Directly after applying.
After lunch.
After wiping off and reapplying.
Once I realized how much I liked Evil Shades matte shades I figured I go all Pokemon on them and collect them all. Wasn't sure how the color would work on me since it is tomato red but the matte and the gold glitter sold me. What is cool is when this wears down the gold really comes out. (Also, if you like this and want it in a gloss Morgana Cryptoria's Fangtastic gloss is just that.)

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