Monday, June 25, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Morgana Cryptoria Gloss Stash

I really love her formula for glosses, it is long wearing and moisturizing and not very sticky and can be used like a liquid lipstick honestly. This is pretty much my whole collection barring Fallen Leaf and Pimped Out Pumpkin.

I wasn't sure which I would like better, Alloy or Copper Pipe Dream. So I got both. Alloy is a very brassy gold color, a lot like Nyx Meteor honestly. I kinda like Alloy better but I got it with a Chocolate Mint scent and man that is strong and tingly. Plus side? The cabinet that smells like cigarette smoke from my smoking upstairs neighbors now smells like mint instead. And I just put the closed tube in there.
I bought this expecting to fall in love since coppery colors are my fav-y fav of favs. Sadly it really isn't my style. Not bad just didn't mesh with this shade.

I didn't expect to like this color since it looks like a not saturated tomato red. But that name. That name is so VERY Draculaura and I'm a total Draculaura fan. This one actually worked out in that if I apply it very lightly, kind of like a stain, it really isn't a bad color on me. Also if you want a more matte, lipstick version of this tomato red with gold sparkle then Evil Shades's Jenaveve Deviant Lipstick is what you are seeking. I've applied it thick here like what I do with all of her glosses. And yes I broke out the fangs. I am so a Draculaura fan. Also this is lemon sherbet scented and it is quite lovely.

This is a very bright blue gloss but it has a reddish gold sparkle to it (haha guess that's where the name comes from). It's alright. Not my fav but cool to have in my collection. Also the watermelon scent is sooo strong!

It looked kind of like Evil Shades's Lost Kiss but amped up and it is so that and also in this amazing formula. I love this gloss so very much. So. Very. Much. It was between this and Nyx Hestia for my Driver's License photo (Hestia won since I was worried the DoPS lady would have a fit over lavender pink lips). Love love love. And the red licorice scent rocks.

I love the lipstick shade of this so much that I HAD to get the gloss. The gloss falls very flat compared to the now discontinued lipstick. More brown than purple and not a hint of the blue shift which made the lipstick so rad. Sad.

Azalea Skies
A more direct relation to Lost Kiss. It is an okay color but nothing I'm gaga over. I prefer Galaxy over it but from the swatches on the website I couldn't figure out which I would like better. So. Here's a side by side comparison. Azalea Skies is faaar more towards a light to mid tone pink with a blue glow. Galaxy is very much a lavender pink with a blue shift.

The name of this is actually Starburst I think. I kind of wore the writing off the label. But more importantly this gloss is BADASS. You'll want to apply it thick like the bottom lip so you get the full, very dimensional sparkles in spaaace look. I love this one so much, I just wish I could wear it to work!

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