Monday, June 11, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Face Shop 365 Herb Day Lemon Cleansing Foam

This was another thing I got during my nerdy trip into Dallas. It is lemony and delightful. Also while I'm happy to at least have Face Shop I was hoping to find a store that stocks many different brands of Asian beauty products and cosmetics. If anyone knows of any in Texas then let me know! Austin or Dallas are preferable but I end up in Houston, SA and El Paso every so often. Also if anyone knows of any in San Diego that'd be rockin' since Comic Con is coming up. But on to this lovely face wash!

It is a generous size tube and the little tiny hole means I don't use too much all that often.
It foams up very easily and feels soft on the skin. And it is lemony wonderful.
After rinsing it off my face feels literally squeaky clean. Like, I can't run my finger across my cheek since there is so little oil clean. That happens to be in my favor with summer coming up where I want a more heavy duty face wash due to the humidity and heat. This would not be advisable for dry skin.

But I really liked it!

Cost: $6 for 170ml
Packaging: 4.5/5
The tube is cleanly designed and the tiny hole works well for doling out the wash. It'd get a 5 if it was cuter. I'm a loli, I want it a little cuter since it sits next to my sink.
Quality: 4.5/5
It works wonderfully well and it hasn't made me break out! I wish it didn't strip ALL the oil from my face but it hasn't wrecked it after a month either so apparently it isn't taking too much.
Value: 5/5
$6 for a tube that will easily last six months and for a product that works and smells so nice? That's a freakin' deal!
Overall: 4.66/5

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