Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tutorial: Fixing Elastic That Has Come Loose From One End (bloomer leg edition)

So with ALL of my bloomers being out of commission for one reason or another and my complete inability to sleep recently I did repairs. The torn off button and ripped seam were easy enough fixes but here's a way to fix elastic in a casing should it rip out of one end.

What you'll need:
Seam ripper
Looong tweezers
Sewing materials (ie machine and thread)
So here's the bloomers, my fav summer bloomers and we are most certainly in summer so I need them.
First use a seam ripper to undo about an inch or two of the casing's stitching right by where the elastic should be anchored. I'm using the tweezers to show the opening I made.
Next shove your tweezers into the casing and scrunch up the fabric on the tweezers 'til you come the where the elastic actually is. If you can't tweeze with the tweezers then rip up more of the seam until you can.
Grab onto the elastic and gently pull it through the casing, bunching up the casing on the elastic away from where you will need to sew.
Pin down the elastic where you want it in the casing and sew over the end. You may want to try two rows of anchoring stitches to make it doubly secure. I have it pulled open here to show you about how much seam I had to rip up to get to the elastic.

Then redo the casing seam (in my case a top stitching) and voila! Fixed bloomers!

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