Monday, January 14, 2013

2012 Favorite Product Round-Up~

I bought a lot of things in 2012, especially when it comes to cosmetics and the like. So here's my favorites, things which I will for sure be using well into 2013, though I may not have actually bought/first bought/reviewed them in 2012.

Evil Shades shadow in "Drakon"
I don't list what all goes in my make-up looks unless it's a product review but let me tell you this was very often the middle color in eyeshadow combos I did this year. It's a smokey color with gold sparkles and it is so very versatile. It looks like sunset.
$5.75 for Full Size

Shiro Cosmetics shadows in Meowth/White Out and Alkahestry
Meowth/White Out was very often the top/browbone color in eyeshadow looks, since it's a very pale cream it goes with just about everything and is super easy to apply. Alkahestry is this lavender with INTENSE blue sparkles. It is perfect at the inner corners of my eye. It's basically Urban Decay's Omen but amped up into a blue glitter instead of a blue glow.
$5 for Full Size

Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Mascara
Oh Maybelline don't ever stop making this, baby. It lengthens and fattens lashes without being clumpy (when it starts getting clumpy that's approx when you should get a new tube). Best mascara ever.
About $6
Regular American Retail

Missha Signature M Real Complete BB Cream
The packaging is unfortunately not adorable but the product has the best staying power of all the BBs I tried this year and it also feels the lightest to wear and makes me break out the least. It's completely replaced foundation for me (which is good since l'Oreal doesn't make w1 liquid foundation anymore since apparently warm toned pale people don't exist I guess).
Ebay, local Asian cosmetics stores

NYX Lipstick in Hestia
My one true love in red lipstick. The formula is only really okay (though moisturizing) but the color is perfection. It's the lip color I wore when I got my driver's license photo taken, that's how much I love it.
Discontinued, Ebay

Morgana Cryptoria Lip Gloss in Galaxy
It's so bright and lavender! It makes my lips look like they're glowing and could be considered the lipgloss version of Urban Decay's Omen shadow.

Morbid Make-Up Eyeliner in Black
The best liner in the history of forever. And it just got discontinued. Womp womp. It applies easy, comes off easy but stays in place the whole goddamn day. I'm really hoping that BlackHeart make-up that Hot Topic now carries is just a repackage of Morbid Make-Up. Oh gods please.

l'Oreal Magic Perfecting Base
This actually has a much longer more ridiculous name but if ever I mention this then I cut out the Studio Secrets Professional Secret #1 from that. It is the most amazing eyeshadow primer in the world. You think Urban Decay's Primer Potion is good? It's got nothing on this. You can do super dark colors, super bright colors, there's little to no creasing, it's the bomb. If they ever discontinue it I may die.
About $8
Regular American Retail

l'Occitane Ruban d' Orange Eau
It smells like church by the Mediterrean Sea at Christmas. Woodsy with orange notes and a faint sweetness~! That is all. It is the perfect scent for me.
Discontinued (Whyyyy?)

Goody Spin Pins
For those of you with fluffy/course long hair these are a life saver. You literally twist your hair into a bun then screw these in and it's solid. I've never been able to get buns to work before these and man am I glad for them. If you have two sets and loooong hair like me then you can do poofy lolita pigtails with your natural hair!
About $6
Regular American Retail

Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment
I use the original but there's a light variety too. Hannah, you are amazing for introducing me to this so long ago~! It makes my fluffy/poofy/course hair so silky and managable.
$30-70 depending where you get it
Ebay, Local Salons

And that's it! I'm pretty much done on full size cosmetics/beauty products I've bought until my next Morgana box gets here so look forward to me finally figuring out exactly what all those free samples I've gotten with my asian cosmetics are starting next week. I'm honestly lost on most of them. Multipurpose fluid wat.

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