Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: Resolutions and Goals

I should call it either resolutions OR goals shouldn't I? But it's a mix of both. Some are resolutions, things I must do, while others are goals or things I want to do but I rather not force myself since I want to do them the best I can. 2012 was a decent year, I did more writing, wore waaay more lolita, got some costuming and crafting done and did lots of travelling (1st MotoGP race ftw)! Most of the not so awesome stuff was job related and not doing as awesome this NaNoWriMo as I was hoping (50k instead of 80k).

My resolutions
A new theme/background for the blog
Something involving the updated name, so probably involving a fox and maybe involving a design sketch for the kimono I plan to make for the MotoGP race at Circuit of the Americas.

One blog post a week at least
I'm pretty sure I actually managed this one this year if you average everything but I don't mean to average in 2013, I mean to do at least one a week, every week!

Two lolita related posts each month at least
I did kind of okay with this in the last half of the year with the introduction of Outfits of the Fortnight. I'm hoping again not to average but to do this to the max though I'm going to shoot for three a month.

Wear a full lolita coord twice a week
This is up from my 2012 resolution to do once a week but I think I totally got this! I would up it to three but I've got lots of other nice clothes to wear. I don't want lolita to be a chore, I'm just trying to encourage myself to use that quarter of my wardrobe.

Wear kitsuke once per month
This is brand spanking new! Expect an introduction post into my kimono adventures next post. But I've finally got enough stuff together to do a few seasonally appropriate coords so I'm challenging myself to do them already.

Figure out proper organization for my cosmetics, kitsuke and lolita
So I can better access and keep tabs on what I have. All three of those areas in my life rather exploded in 2012 so I need to get all of it in order. This is my January project along with a closet post for egl (since that's always the January theme) and collection posts for here!

Finish the initial script and edit Psychopomp
This was one of my 2012 failings, my goal was to finish the initial scripts for both The Fire King and Psychopomp for NaNoWriMo to total 80k words (30k for Fire King and 50k for Psychopomp). I finished Fire King and but only got about a third into my Psychopomp scene cards before getting distracted by Hakuoki. So my goal is to have it done by Valentine's day and edit it over the summer.

My goals:
Publish something every six months
I got way behind in the last half of the year so The Empty Home hasn't been published yet since I still haven't made a cover. Hopefully I'll get that out on White Day (3/14) and then have Psychopomp out sometime before NaNoWriMo takes over my life again in November.

Finish Deliquent Princess Street by July
Deliquent Princess Street is the otome game I am making. I fell in love with the genre a while back and after playing a number there's things out there I really want in a game that aren't available. You know where this is heading: if it isn't out there then make it yourself. This is my first time coding anything and progress is slow but it is happening. The main things about this game are: The titular vigilante lolita gang, a lolita who races, a young guy in the yakuza who has a thing for puppets and some rather harsh siblings, datable Kondo Isami and a proper happy ending for Train Nerd.

Find a partner for World Cosplay Summit and enter
The biggest hurdle is finding a partner! If anyone wants to enter the US Regionals at Anime Matsuri and is looking for a partner then let me know. I have a really good Yuna cosplay I'd like to do FFX for the regionals at least~!

And those are my resolutions and goals for 2013! It's going to be an awesome year full of travel, fabulousness and writing!

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