Monday, January 21, 2013

Make-Up Monday: Skinfood Glacier Water Multigel

I honestly had no idea what a "multigel" was. I actually looked up other reviews and stuff because I really had no idea (as with a number of other samples I dove into recently). Apparently it is like toner and face lotion all together? Or something? That's the gist I got and I ran with that. The sample was actually enough to last me about two weeks, and I put it on heavy, so kudos for a great sample. I really got a feel for the product.

Speaking of the product, it is perfectly clear like water and cool but thick. Like slightly thicker than lotion. After I washed my face and put on my eye area lotion I slathered this on. I started with just a little but it didn't quite moisturize me enough a few hours later so by the end of the sample I was practically caking it on. It felt like it released water or melted once I started rubbing it in. It was weird. But not bad weird. It also left my face matte but hydrated which was neat, just not hydrated enough. There is supposed to be another variety (the hot springs water or deep sea water) which is more hydrating but this is the sensitive skin one and my skin is nothing if not sensitive.

Overall I really liked the product, it didn't make me break out and left my skin matte but mostly hydrated. The sample was also very generous and lasted me about two weeks of daily use. If it was slightly more hydrating so my skin didn't feel a bit tight I'd be buying a full size but I am considering getting samples of the other, more moisturizing varieties (Deep Sea Water and Hot Springs Water).

And even though the "multigel" thing is still weird I think I like it better than creamy lotions. :)

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