Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bodyline Review L305, L304, L120, Wig 113

So I did a Bodyline order in December since it was $5 shipping and I got overtime pay so I had some spare cash. AND they restocked a skirt I’d been wanting for aaaaages. I placed my order on Dec 16th and it shipped on the 19th. It got to me on Dec 31st so not too too bad. But not as quick as the DHL used to be.

No big holes or anything in my grey plastic shipping bag. Still feels skeezy though. I have this mental image that they’ll be over the Pacific and suddenly the bag tears and then all my pretty things fall into the ocean. Because they’re in an open cockpit bi-plane and the pilot has that and only that in his lap. That is how airmail works isn't it?

L304 in sax
Anyway, here’s the first item and… what I’m most disappointed by. It’s the Antique Clock JSK in sax. I’d been putting off getting it since full shirring isn’t normally something I like but I thought what the heck and got it anyways.

Another minor thing, the broach pin was sewn on upside down. It took me a few seconds to fix but still.

And here it is worn. I have to pair it with a belt or else it looks bad. Full shirring is not for smaller lolitas.

See? It has not shape except a minor all over lumpiness. Going to sell/trade this or something.

L305 in gre
Next is the Antique Clock skirt in grey, I only got it because the grey jsk was sold out. Thank you whoever bought all of those, I really like the skirt more than the jsk.

And worn. It is short, that blue is my petti peeking out. I'm going to find a coordinating fabric and make a ruffle to sew on the bottom, but for $27 I feel it is a decent value. The zipper is just as crap as every other Bodyline zip, I've got to sew a hook closure at the top or something.

And here it is coordinated. I really look forward to wearing it to work once I add a bottom ruffle! :D

L120 in red
I've been coveting this skirt for years. But its been sold out for forever except in the green or orange colorway. And then now it finally got back in stock! Yay! I've just got to say there is a serious difference in design between the older Bodyline and the newer and it isn't a good one.

Even without the vest it is a great length, it's actually knee length!

And speaking of that vest! A spare button was sewn in and it is a complete seperate item. It fully buttons and all the stitching is really nicely done. The lower layer on the skirt is practically it's own skirt under the stripey overskirt (both are sewn into the waistband though). No upside down brooch back here!

The quality honestly rivals brand. I would never say that about either Antique Clock peice nor my green plaid skirt and capelet, which are more recent releases. There are even the little ribbon loops for the little hooks on my hangers!

It looks cute on too. I wish the vest was a little shorter, like half inch to an inch but I really do like it still.
I'll def be getting the orange and maybe the green too. They are very versatile. Just remember a VERY poofy petti, this is my super poof cupcake petti and it looks like an A-line under this thing.

I also bought a couple of the bow tie things they have, very cute. I like them a lot.

The closure on the plaid one, the shiny satin plaid one is a bit difficult to do when putting it on but doable. The other two, classic tie material, have a parachute type closure so easy on and off and they really are pretty.

Wig 113 in blk
I also got two of the wigfalls/clip on ponytails. They were cheap so I figured why not give it a shot, I have a black wig (New Look, Monica in #1 and all the short New Look wigs are great btw). The fibers are really nice and the clips are strong. You couldn't do a single side pony because it would be too heavy and skew the wig but pigtails does well to keep the wig on. I'd get blonde ones for my blonde short wig but I'm not sure what the blondes look like in real life and there's a wig shop by here with $17 clip on ponytails so I'm going to get mine there. Cause then the colors will match perfectly. But I really like these. I'm thinking I might get the shorter ones next Bodyline order but I'm not sure.

So yeah! Disappointed by the Antique Clock JSK, loved the Antique Clock skirt more than I thought I would, I completely adore the L120 as much as I knew I would and the clip on ponytails and frilly bowties were also very good.

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