Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tron Loli (and an OotD)

A couple people asked for worn pictures of my Tron lolita stuff so here it is:

Siren Convertible JSK and Bolero
Yay Christmas tree not being in my fav photo spot anymore! Boo that white washes out. 

And the back. The grey on the skirt may seem like an odd detail but just wait...

And that's why it is called convertible. It converts into a pencil skirt (well mermaid with that ruffle).

There are 4 zips total, the normal back closure, then a shorter one at the bottom (where the grey triangle was) and one on each side from the waist to the hem.

This is the prototype of skirt type I would like to do more of (I call it Una Spia, since I could see a spy loving the ability to so dramatically change silhouttes). That is why the fit is less than optimal. One of these days I will tweak it to be a little less loose in the waist but with all those zips and detailing it will be quite a task. I also got tired of balancing my camera on the lamp so less pretty photo space now. :/

The User Skirt Coords From My Packing Post:

With the white OP as a blouse. Liking the grey bow less now that I see it in photos.

Admittedly not my favorite but functional enough. Maybe it would look better with those white/grey argyle socks from above.

And with the black blouse. I like this one so much better. Then again I am a bit goth at heart. :3 Also my bow is backwards. Whoops.

The glowing bit on the skirt, jsk and bolero is done with reflective tape and camera flash. You can get it with ambient light occassionally too. Iron on reflective tape can be found at Hancock fabrics but not Joann's or Hobby Lobby and comes in silver, yellow, orange and blue. I wish there was green, I wish for it with all my black little heart. It is very easy to use too, it works just like iron on hemtape. Curves are a pain though.

And my OotD:
Corvette JSK! Another one of my silly creations. It is paired with a Converse blouse, some offbrand heels...

And 'Modette' socks from Suckerpunch. I love them a bunch. Getting used to knee socks, turns out I just need dresses with the right hem length (at knee/slightly below the knee).

And cruddy work picture since the one at home was blurry.


  1. Oh my goodness, what awesome Tron pieces! Would you mind if I posted a few of these pictures to I'd properly credit of course.

    1. Thank you and I wouldn't mind at all! :D

  2. These are all so awesome!!! And I miss you like woah.