Monday, January 2, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Full Day Test of Rimmel Kiss and Stay (Eternal Kiss)

This is something I don't see too often in swatch tests but which certainly I'd like to know about. How things, especially lip products, wear throughout the day.

So first up we have Rimmel London's Lasting Finish Kiss & Stay Lipgloss in Eternal Kiss

Its a pretty color and was on clearance at the grocery store.

Here it is right after I put it on. It is a little darker in person but hard to photograph that way. I think it is the light hitting the gloss.

And after a full day, 10 hours at work, a pb&j for lunch and pasta for dinner. I kept wearing it after too since it was looking okay and when I got back from visiting with friends another 6 hours later it was exactly the same. No touch ups the whole day.

The only con/wear. It wears off where lip stuff always wears off but its not really noticable barring kissy faces and me knowing its worn off.

Overall impressions: It is kind of funny they call it "Lasting Finish" as the gloss wears off through the day. by the end of the night there is a little left but because the majority of the color is in the base coat that doesn't cause too many problems. It starts out very sticky. Very sticky. But the stickiness wears away with the top coat in a good way (though breadcrumbs still stick but they are easy enough to get off). The top coat does migrate to below the lip a little bit but it is pretty minor and waaaay less so than the Covergirl equivalent product. Another thing it has over the Covergirl is that with a little face wash at the end of the night it completely washes off (with a smidge of scrubbing).

So It really is long wearing, not needing a touch up for an entire day. You can't do just the base coat and no sticky gloss though, it doesn't work. Same with trying to put balm over it.

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