Monday, January 16, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Full Day Test of Morgana Cryptoria 'Subzero'

I really like Morgana's lipsticks, a little pricey but they work nice.

This is it right after I put it on. It applies easily and smoothly though being applied with a lip brush makes it want to streak just a little bit.

And here it is after 6 hours. I had a sandwich for lunch. It wore off and could have used a touch up but I was just chilling at home so I didn't bother. But it is a bright blue. Blues are punks. It also does fine when reapplying later to correct it, it all blends together nicely and it doesn't stain which rocks.

1 comment:

  1. What a great color! It's so....POW! It makes me want to run out a get a tube for myself, just for fun ^_^

    Om a side note, do you use a lip primer or a light weight hydrating balm before you put on you lipstick? It might keep it from fadeing, Though one must remember you said you had been wearing it for 6 hours and for any lipstick to still be one after that time with out a touch up really speaks to the quality of the make up.